What is Run4fly?

R4F is an evolved sharing system that offers you a chance to share your journey from home to the airport or to the high-speed railway station an vice versa, giving you, thanks to our drivers, a professional and scrupulous transport service

  • How it work

    Book you ride on our site, you will soon receive your confirmation. Whether you are alone or in a group, share a ride to get form home to the airport or high-speed railway station or vice versa

  • Never alone again

    Thanks to R4F platform, you can share the ride and costs. It will always be like traveling with a group of friends.

  • Sharing is easy, fun, safe and convenient

    Even if  you travel alone, the R4F platform will make your trip easier by reaping all the benefits of sharing

  • Low cost starts from home

    Low cost travel means impossible time tables an getting to the airport in always an issue. Run4fly is 24/7 and you won’t have to give up the best online rates even if you live in the country

  • For business or for pleasure

    Whether which friends or colleagues, meeting and traveling together in easy. With R4F you won’t have to say goodbye to friends an colleagues at the airport on train station, but will be abie to safely form your doorstep.

  • A community to be a part of

    R4f is not just a cab sharing service but a real community that encourages, supports and shares experiences.

  • Join the R4f community

    and save money by traveling in a group

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Why choose us

  • The only service offering low cost door to door convenience

  • Sharing is good for the environment

  • Traveling with your friends starts from home

  • A community that is near you anywhere you travel

  • 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

  • Professional and kind drivers